Holiday Ceremonies and Weddings

Greetings to Happy Couples and Families!

With some of our major holidays just ahead, it’s very important to consider a few of the issues that can occur if you have planned your big day on one of these busy weekends.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind: recommend your guests book air flights well in advance. You may have already sent out save-the-date cards so they may begin planning transportation. Hotels are usually heavily booked, why not consider room blocks to make lodging a stree-free and comfortable experience?  For your guests traveling by car, highway traffic can be a challenge if they are not familiar with the area where the events will be held. Provide maps or travel directions that are easy to follow and perhaps make suggestions on restaurants and entertainment.

If you know of anything specific taking place near your location such as huge sporting events or annual summer activities that draw large crowds and traffic, give these tips to your guests. They will be grateful and appreciate your kindness.

By doing everything you can to have your guests arrive at the ceremony on time will ensure the success and flow of the day with perfect harmony. This is one you’ll want to remember with a smile on your face!



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