Your 2014 Wedding is Approaching!

So….Your 2014 Wedding Planning has Begun!

Most likely, it began in 2013 or sooner, but once the “big year” rolls around you find yourself becoming immersed in all the little details that aren’t already in place. No need to worry. This is the perfect time to consider hiring a professional wedding planner to help with the details or simply to assist on the day of. 

If you are a DIY couple, here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Complete an overview of what you already have in place. (That means everything from the major wedding professionals down to the day of process. This may take a few attempts and good communication essential.

2. Make your list of what hasn’t been done and take one issue at a time….complete it…then move forward. This is the time for firm decision making.

3. Ask for help from responsible family members and friends if you need it! It is extremely difficult to do it all yourself and be rested, comfortable and prepared for the big day.

4. Don’t forget the part of the day that sets the tone of the day: Your ceremony! You have spent countless hours of planning and invested a great amount financially. Be sure the ceremony is personalized and what you are hoping for. Make every effort to work with your minister in a respectful way to accomplish this task.

Wishing you all the best in the years ahead,

Master Life-Cycle Celebrant and Bridal Consultant

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