Creativity Counts !

Whether you are in the process of planning your ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner or more, use your creative talents. Some of you may say, “I am not a single bit creative.”  Okay, no problem there! You do have choices with planning all your events for the big day! Here they are:

1. Consider using a wedding planner to help with the entire event, or just where you need the services. Certified wedding planners are trained professionally, knowledgeable about what’s the latest trends like colors, favors and activities. In most cases, a planner will SAVE you time and money because of their education and experience.

2.  If you are having a church ceremony you will most likely have the religious ceremony the denomination offers. Don’t hesitate to ask your Reverend, Priest, Minister or Rabbi if you have a special appropriate request. Anything may be possible and there is no harm in asking.

3. Planning a non-denominational ceremony? Be certain your officiant meets the qualification of your state and has been trained to deliver “personalized ceremonies” that will be the most memorable start to your big day. The ceremony is all about you as a couple. Work with your officiant to develop exactly what you are hoping for.

4. Think and discuss together whether there will be a theme, certain colors, how to represent special people in your lives and then put your plan into action.

Now….move forward to creating the day you want. Congratulations!


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