Location! Location! Location!

Have you selected the location for your ceremony and reception?

This can be a challenge depending on your date, time of day, regional area and most of all what you as a couple are hoping for.
Prefer the outdoors as Plan A? Be sure to have Plan B in place. Of course, no one wants to believe the weather can be inclement on the day they get married. However…..always take a realistic approach, especially if you are in a region that has unexpected rainstorms, wind or sudden cold weather. Be prepared and don’t shy away from the “what ifs.”

Consider purchasing wedding insurance to ensure major damage caused by weather conditions can be recovered. By adding wedding insurance to the budget for a few more dollars, you may save hundreds through the policy if things go wrong.

Many September days bring high temperatures and providing bottled water for outside ceremonies or having a cold drink passed to your guest will be a welcome treat. Planning an autumn ceremony outside? Remember to be considerate of your guests if the weather becomes chilly. Care to get married on a farm? A recent bride grew up on a 1000 acre working farm and dad was honored to host the entire event on the property. The ceremony, reception and photographs were phenomenal and provided lasting memories for everyone.

Choose wisely and within your budget when planning your location.

Happy Weddings to all!

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