Wedding Insurance ? Do You Need it?

No matter how perfect your wedding plans are… things can go wrong! Of course, we don’t want to think about it at such a happy time, but reality should have an important place in your wedding day agenda.

Here are just a few possible mishaps to think about:

~ Your wedding venue goes out of business!
~ The bridal shop with your gown, and those of your bridesmaids, closes unexpectedly.
~ The day approaches and weather reports are that a hurricane may be in the forecast.
~ The food is spoiled; wedding cake disasters.

Why not prepare and prevent these unfortunate occurrences that can possibly spoil the big day?

There are many reputable insurance companies now offering Wedding Insurance. For instance, Travelers Insurance Company offers the Wedding Protector Plan.  With average wedding budgets ranging closer to the $30,000 price tag, give yourself that feeling of security just in case!

You can add the cost to your wedding budget, just as you would the minister,
wedding planner, wedding attire, etc. With savvy financial planning for the wedding day, think about this peace of mind and feeling of security with insurance to cover the “what ifs”.

Happy Wedding Day! 

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