Ceremony and Wedding Toasts

Toasting is not difficult and can be offered to the couple or individually to the bride or groom. The best thing to keep in mind is to keep it brief. Don’t be nervous and consider the following when preparing:

1. Prepare – Don’t leave your thoughts to the last minute. Plan it ahead and write it down!
2. Length – try for 3 minutes. More formal weddings may require a little more time.
3. Research – Relax. No one is asking you to hit the law library about the Constitution.
4. Quotes – If you find one you like, it can be adapted to the couple, etc.
5. Appropriate content – Be cautious of any off-color content as everyone in the group may not appreciate it.

Always be sure everyone has a drink in their hands…alcohol or otherwise
Always name the person or persons you are toasting.
Make the toast a positive and joyful experience especially if you are including humor
Persons being toasted never stand. However they may offer a counter-toast.

Why not think about having a toast during the ceremony provided it is not in a church/chapel/religious venue.
This is perfect for outside ceremonies and your professional/trained celebrant can work this out perfectly for you and the guests.

Last of all, know as much as possible about who you are toasting. This helps keep everything terrific.

Sample toasts:

Here’s a toast to the lovely bride
And to the husband by her side.
Here’s to the home they’re going to share
May love and trust swell with them there.


Ladies and gentlemen please stand with me as we raise our glasses in a toast to the happy couple.
May you always look into each other’s eyes as you did on the first day you met.
To precious moments of togetherness and countless hours of sunshine and laughter.
May your lives be filled with good health and a lifetime of happiness.
Congratulations to the newlyweds.

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