Where is Everything?

Where is Everything?

img_2166-1Planning an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception is an adventure. Everywhere we look signs are posted for decor and your guests convenience. Planning the big event in a park, renovated barn, forest walking track or outdoor historical venue property, signage can be a very important part of the day.

Signs are being written on old glass windows and doors, wood boards, picture frame glass, and so many more types of material to set your creativity in motion.

Some important topics you can include on your signs:

~ Which way to the ceremony with arrows as directional
~ The side you should sit on for the ceremony (Groom’s side, bride’s side, or pick a seat, not a side)
~ Table seating for the reception
~ Where and how to sign in for the guest register…..with unique ways to do this from map sign-ins to Jenga blocks.
~ Games, favors, etc.

Many of the signage pieces can be DIY varieties and many are created by good friends who are craft enthusiasts. Members of the bridal party or relatives will be overjoyed and honored to be included as a part of the wedding day by creating items for you.

Start planning early if you are interested in touches of signs for the big day.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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