Are You Ready for your 2017 Wedding?? TRY THESE HINTS!

Okay, your wedding is planned for August, 2017…..check
You’ve already booked your major vendors (venue, photographer, cake, and all the rest)…..check

The big question is:


It’s time to start reviewing everything, checking back with your wedding professionals (vendors), and everyone who is going to be a part of your day.
Did you select the cake flavors?
What time will your vendors arrive?
Selected the important photos you’d like to have?
Make a schedule of when final payments are due?
Spoken to your church or secured a non-denominational minister to officiate?

Yes, and there’s so much more. If you are feeling stressed about all of this, why not speak with a wedding planner who can help your day flow with ease and success?
Even if you’ve planned everything yourself so far, a wedding planner/coordinator will work with you approximately one month before the big day. She/he will make sure
you have all the answers to the above questions and plan your wedding day timeline. The fee will be well worth it so you, your family and guests can relax and enjoy the
day without having to work.

Now’s the time to get everything in gear!

Wishing you the very best,

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