Plan A and Plan B – A Must for Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies?

Depending on the location of your outdoor ceremony and/or reception, is it a sensible idea to select venues that offer Plan B in case of inclement weather?????
You may not think so, but the answer is a YES!

Considering you are spending thousands of dollars to host this very important day in your life, would you want it ruined if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate? No.

The wedding day “vision” is one of beautiful temperatures, sun and a slight breeze. There is nothing more joyful than being married and celebrating outdoors.
However… doesn’t always happen this way especially in locations that experience rain, wind and more.

By selecting venues that have grassy areas, covered pavilions and an indoor choice, you will always be safe. You will relax and enjoy the day knowing you, your family and guests will be comfortable, dry and happy while enjoying the day as you tie the knot!

Happy Wedding!

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Color, Color and More Color! How to choose?

Deciding on the color palette for your wedding day can be a challenging decision….if you let it take over.
As many of the top wedding designers/planners recommend, you will want to choose not just a single color, but blends of various tones to add “pop” to the overall scheme.
The Pantone Color for 2015 is Marsala and it is a beautiful tone as a base. It can add a traditional sophisticated look and by adding more interesting tones, you will create the 2015 event. Some designers will recommend staying with simple coloration rather than vivid tones. Why not consider an all white event and use your lighting expert to transform the room
into with a color lighting of your choice. Use your imagination and personalize the colors of your wedding to who you are a couple.

If you are working with a professional wedding planner, he/she will create your color palette and offer you beautiful choices to consider.

Happy Planning!

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Wedding Insurance ? Do You Need it?

No matter how perfect your wedding plans are… things can go wrong! Of course, we don’t want to think about it at such a happy time, but reality should have an important place in your wedding day agenda.

Here are just a few possible mishaps to think about:

~ Your wedding venue goes out of business!
~ The bridal shop with your gown, and those of your bridesmaids, closes unexpectedly.
~ The day approaches and weather reports are that a hurricane may be in the forecast.
~ The food is spoiled; wedding cake disasters.

Why not prepare and prevent these unfortunate occurrences that can possibly spoil the big day?

There are many reputable insurance companies now offering Wedding Insurance. For instance, Travelers Insurance Company offers the Wedding Protector Plan.  With average wedding budgets ranging closer to the $30,000 price tag, give yourself that feeling of security just in case!

You can add the cost to your wedding budget, just as you would the minister,
wedding planner, wedding attire, etc. With savvy financial planning for the wedding day, think about this peace of mind and feeling of security with insurance to cover the “what ifs”.

Happy Wedding Day! 

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Holiday Shopping! Mistletoe! Cookies Baking! Yes, it is a wonderful time of year and especially if you are planning a December wedding. Without any doubt, holiday decor can add beautiful and romantic touches to the entire wedding theme. Don’t like red and green? Try shades of purple and blue with bits of sparkle. Poinsettia’s in shades of white and cream or dusted with colors of glitter make fabulous table decorations. If you need a large display, try forming the poinsettia’s into a Christmas tree using the tree forms available.

These same guidelines can be applied to the catering with some traditional food items that so many of us serve in our homes for the holidays. Ethnic cuisine is always a great choice and will offer the feeling of warmth during this special season.

The hustle and bustle will be much less of a challenge by being sure to schedule a wedding coordinator who will ensure your day will be relaxing, comfortable and most of all….Joyful!

Happy Holidays!

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Autumn Party or Wedding Dessert

Autumn Party or Wedding Dessert

Autumn Party or Wedding Dessert

Why not create a spectacular dessert for your guests at any autumn event. These mini pumpkin cakes glazed in orange with seasonal candy can be the perfect addition to your tables.
Creativity counts when personalizing your wedding or event.

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Location! Location! Location!

Have you selected the location for your ceremony and reception?

This can be a challenge depending on your date, time of day, regional area and most of all what you as a couple are hoping for.
Prefer the outdoors as Plan A? Be sure to have Plan B in place. Of course, no one wants to believe the weather can be inclement on the day they get married. However…..always take a realistic approach, especially if you are in a region that has unexpected rainstorms, wind or sudden cold weather. Be prepared and don’t shy away from the “what ifs.”

Consider purchasing wedding insurance to ensure major damage caused by weather conditions can be recovered. By adding wedding insurance to the budget for a few more dollars, you may save hundreds through the policy if things go wrong.

Many September days bring high temperatures and providing bottled water for outside ceremonies or having a cold drink passed to your guest will be a welcome treat. Planning an autumn ceremony outside? Remember to be considerate of your guests if the weather becomes chilly. Care to get married on a farm? A recent bride grew up on a 1000 acre working farm and dad was honored to host the entire event on the property. The ceremony, reception and photographs were phenomenal and provided lasting memories for everyone.

Choose wisely and within your budget when planning your location.

Happy Weddings to all!

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Unique Ceremony or Reception?

Most couples today want their special day to be personalized and unique. There are terrific ideas online but what really resonates with everyone is your very own ideas. Whether they are tweaks from ones you have seen before, or an entirely “new” idea, with today’s flexibility in weddings you can almost do exactly what you have in mind. The only recommendation here is that it always be within the boundaries of consideration and kindness to everyone.

Here’s a possibility:

If you would like to honor deceased family or friends at your ceremony or reception, place photographs and other items on a table that were important to those people. Perhaps a piece of memorabilia from their lifetime….favorite hobbies or interests. A flower left on an empty chair can also be used. If the passing is a recent one you may want to consider those who will be attending and not make it a sad part of the ceremony. This type of recognition should be somewhat subtle but yet meaningful. Your wedding ceremony is a very happy occasion but knowing those important people in your life will be represented is a very considerate act.

Memorial Recognition Table

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