How Hot is it Out There?

Planning an outdoor ceremony and reception? Here’s a few tips that may help the day be perfectly comfortable.

When temperatures reach levels of extreme heat and humidity it’s important to plan for the comfort and safety of your bridal party and guests.

Always having Plan B in place well ahead of the big day will be valuable…just in case. In the meantime, try the following tips:

~ Have a few water stations available in various locations. Cold bottled water on ice will be the most refreshing. or water dispensers that can be filled with ice is convenient along with disposable cups and waste bins work well.

~ Think about placing a open tent over the guest seating for the ceremony. This helps keep the guests out of direct sunlight that may be unsafe for those with various medical conditions or the elderly.

~ Yes, the decorative wedding hand fans are always nice….even though they may not do much for keeping cool while sitting in the sun.

When you are planning for the big day these kind gestures will be appreciate by everyone!

Happy Wedding Day,

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Bridal and Wedding Event Shows

If you are planning a wedding in the near future you may want to consider attending one of the bridal/wedding event shows in your community. Yes, there is most likely a ticket to purchase to attend, and depending on the location the fee may be a minimal cost.

Okay, you bought your ticket! Great idea. What should you be looking for when you get to the show? Why not make a list of the particular vendors (professionals) you need to complete your big day. As you walk through and speak with the vendors, have a brief list of questions you may want to ask. Remember, the larger shows are very crowded and you may not have much time to get all the details. The professionals are interested in every couple attending so be considerate and keep questions as brief as possible for the event. To make this easier accept a brochure, business card, etc. for your “needs” list.

But wait…….why not hire a wedding planner who can help you with the next steps? Wedding planners can be a terrific asset to taking you through the stages you may or may not want to do by yourself or with the help of concerned family or friends. Check their experience, education, certification and professionalism of the planners you resonate with. Ask for references from their previous clients and check wedding websites for reviews. A credible wedding planner will work with you and pay close attention to your budget, vision and wishes. When the wedding day arrives she/he will have everything ready to go and transition from location to location will be seamless. Planners have great business contacts and will guide you to the ones they feel will fill your need and budget. The Association of Bridal Consultants has been educating wedding planners since 1955. They have ongoing seminars, conferences and events throughout the year to keep members updated for state-of-the-art information.

If you feel you want to plan your day without the help of a professional, but may want to hire one for coordinating and directing the wedding day, here’s a few tips to get you started after you have attended the bridal/event show. Now you can take the time to check websites, Facebook pages and all the rest. Contact the vendors you found professional and had impressive table displays. Ask your questions NOW! Pricing, delivery, experience and how they can help make your day one to remember will be helpful. When you contact the vendors what should you do if they don’t reply with courtesy within a few days? Perhaps move onto another choice. Your planning steps are important and waiting too long to hear back from one can result in losing another choice who may be just as reputable.

Think about your wedding day with your spouse-to-be and family to decide what will work best for your lifestyle and busy career schedules. Then, go! This will be the biggest ceremony and party you will most likely plan. Enjoy the experience, relax and Congratulations!


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WeddingWire 2018 Couple Choice Award

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The Fabulous 2018 Wedding Year

Greetings for the New Year!

So……it’s time to either begin or finish your wedding plans. If you haven’t secured your major vendors, I recommend starting today! Then move into the intricate details one by one.

What colors are you choosing? Ultra Violet is the Pantone color of the year and it is vibrant and beautiful. Don’t feel pressured to choose violet but try a blend of your favorite colors or tones to enhance the entire wedding.

Ceremony and Reception venues ballrooms or outdoors? Think about your specific personalities. Are you outdoor enthusiasts or do you prefer indoor sites? Will it be very hot on your wedding day?
Also consider your guests attending and those who may not be able to sit in the sun and heat.

Catering can be a bit of a challenge. Again, consider your specific favorites but remember dietary needs of those who may be attending. On a tight budget? You can try an afternoon event with lighter menu choices? Brunch can also save on the budget and offer your guests a great menu.

If you need help don’t hesitate to ask a trusted/dependable family member or friend, etc. to jump in and gets everything in progress.

Most of all remember this is YOUR wedding. Consideration on every aspect of the planning stages is important but be sure to make it yours by personalizing your special day!

Happy Wedding Planning,

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Ceremony Symbolism

Have you given much thought to your marriage ceremony and how it will unfold? It’s recommended you make this decision early in the wedding planning stages.

Are you being married in the church where you are a member? Interested in an outdoor ceremony? Will your reverend, priest, minister officiate outdoors?
Will you want to search for a non-denominational Celebrant to create and deliver your personalized ceremony? By making this decision early you will be able
to coordinate your preferred date with the officiant who will perform your ceremony. What a disappointment it would be to select a date and make a deposit
on a reception location only to discover your officiant can’t be there for you.

In a non-denominational ceremony you can select from various types of symbolism to personalize the entrance to your day with unique ritual. Sand ceremonies,
hand fasting, rose ceremonies, time capsules and even chemical reaction unity can all be incorporated into the big moments. Do keep in mind that marriage ceremonies
within your church are specifically a part of the denomination and may not be adjustable. Be sure to schedule an appointment with your minister or Celebrant to discuss all of the
details before moving forward.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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Yes, spring has sprung and weddings are on the move! What a beautiful time of the year to celebrate with family and friends as you tie the knot.

The choices are unlimited when it comes to color, flowers, accessories and fashion.

You can accomplish gorgeous end results by working closely with your wedding professionals and asking for advice. Be sure to offer your thoughts and perhaps you already know the choices you want to make.

The wedding day is the time to make a statement about who you are as a couple. Your family and friends will offer advice and always be gracious for their input. They are only trying to help.

From the ceremony to the throwing of the bouquet and last dance, enjoy every minute of the happy occasion.

Wishing all the best,

Where is Everything?

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Are You Ready for your 2017 Wedding?? TRY THESE HINTS!

Okay, your wedding is planned for August, 2017…..check
You’ve already booked your major vendors (venue, photographer, cake, and all the rest)…..check

The big question is:


It’s time to start reviewing everything, checking back with your wedding professionals (vendors), and everyone who is going to be a part of your day.
Did you select the cake flavors?
What time will your vendors arrive?
Selected the important photos you’d like to have?
Make a schedule of when final payments are due?
Spoken to your church or secured a non-denominational minister to officiate?

Yes, and there’s so much more. If you are feeling stressed about all of this, why not speak with a wedding planner who can help your day flow with ease and success?
Even if you’ve planned everything yourself so far, a wedding planner/coordinator will work with you approximately one month before the big day. She/he will make sure
you have all the answers to the above questions and plan your wedding day timeline. The fee will be well worth it so you, your family and guests can relax and enjoy the
day without having to work.

Now’s the time to get everything in gear!

Wishing you the very best,

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