Ceremony Symbolism

Have you given much thought to your marriage ceremony and how it will unfold? It’s recommended you make this decision early in the wedding planning stages.

Are you being married in the church where you are a member? Interested in an outdoor ceremony? Will your reverend, priest, minister officiate outdoors?
Will you want to search for a non-denominational Celebrant to create and deliver your personalized ceremony? By making this decision early you will be able
to coordinate your preferred date with the officiant who will perform your ceremony. What a disappointment it would be to select a date and make a deposit
on a reception location only to discover your officiant can’t be there for you.

In a non-denominational ceremony you can select from various types of symbolism to personalize the entrance to your day with unique ritual. Sand ceremonies,
hand fasting, rose ceremonies, time capsules and even chemical reaction unity can all be incorporated into the big moments. Do keep in mind that marriage ceremonies
within your church are specifically a part of the denomination and may not be adjustable. Be sure to schedule an appointment with your minister or Celebrant to discuss all of the
details before moving forward.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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Yes, spring has sprung and weddings are on the move! What a beautiful time of the year to celebrate with family and friends as you tie the knot.

The choices are unlimited when it comes to color, flowers, accessories and fashion.

You can accomplish gorgeous end results by working closely with your wedding professionals and asking for advice. Be sure to offer your thoughts and perhaps you already know the choices you want to make.

The wedding day is the time to make a statement about who you are as a couple. Your family and friends will offer advice and always be gracious for their input. They are only trying to help.

From the ceremony to the throwing of the bouquet and last dance, enjoy every minute of the happy occasion.

Wishing all the best,

Where is Everything?

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Are You Ready for your 2017 Wedding?? TRY THESE HINTS!

Okay, your wedding is planned for August, 2017…..check
You’ve already booked your major vendors (venue, photographer, cake, and all the rest)…..check

The big question is:


It’s time to start reviewing everything, checking back with your wedding professionals (vendors), and everyone who is going to be a part of your day.
Did you select the cake flavors?
What time will your vendors arrive?
Selected the important photos you’d like to have?
Make a schedule of when final payments are due?
Spoken to your church or secured a non-denominational minister to officiate?

Yes, and there’s so much more. If you are feeling stressed about all of this, why not speak with a wedding planner who can help your day flow with ease and success?
Even if you’ve planned everything yourself so far, a wedding planner/coordinator will work with you approximately one month before the big day. She/he will make sure
you have all the answers to the above questions and plan your wedding day timeline. The fee will be well worth it so you, your family and guests can relax and enjoy the
day without having to work.

Now’s the time to get everything in gear!

Wishing you the very best,

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Beautiful Winter Weddings

Well, you are only a few weeks, or months away from the winter wonderland wedding you’ve been planning for months! Have you thought about the following?

A few planning tips:

~ Holiday lodging and travel for your guests? (Air, train and road travel can be very hectic during holidays and especially if inclement weather occurs. Do whatever you can in advance to help your bridal party and guests make this an enjoyable and safe celebration.

~ Incorporating Christmas and winter accessories can add to the beauty of the day. Think it through. You don’t have to “theme” your entire day, but be sure to add lovely touches to coincide with the season.

~ The Ceremony – If you have always loved certain Christmas or winter poetry and prose, why not tie it into the ceremony readings in an eclectic way?

~ Winter is a time when we like to relax and enjoy cozy atmospheres. Using lounge furniture in special areas will let your guests know you want them to stay and enjoy the celebration.

Hoping your wedding day is a memory of a lifetime!

Happy Planning!

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Where is Everything?

Where is Everything?

img_2166-1Planning an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception is an adventure. Everywhere we look signs are posted for decor and your guests convenience. Planning the big event in a park, renovated barn, forest walking track or outdoor historical venue property, signage can be a very important part of the day.

Signs are being written on old glass windows and doors, wood boards, picture frame glass, and so many more types of material to set your creativity in motion.

Some important topics you can include on your signs:

~ Which way to the ceremony with arrows as directional
~ The side you should sit on for the ceremony (Groom’s side, bride’s side, or pick a seat, not a side)
~ Table seating for the reception
~ Where and how to sign in for the guest register…..with unique ways to do this from map sign-ins to Jenga blocks.
~ Games, favors, etc.

Many of the signage pieces can be DIY varieties and many are created by good friends who are craft enthusiasts. Members of the bridal party or relatives will be overjoyed and honored to be included as a part of the wedding day by creating items for you.

Start planning early if you are interested in touches of signs for the big day.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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Ceremony Program….or No Ceremony Program?

Ceremony programs have been a common practice for many years, and in a religious ceremony it can help people get ready to find the page for a scriptural passage or which hymn will be up next. That’s okay – to a point. But a program for your ceremony it isn’t always necessary or even desirable. Do I really need to read ‘lighting of candles’ to know that the candles are being lit?
When you think about it, the ‘order of service’ simply encourages people to anticipate what is happening next, distracting them from what is happening in the present. It becomes a checklist to be completed. I believe it is more enjoyable to allow the words and actions to unfold.
Instead, why not approach the booklet as a chance to expand and enhance the ceremony experience for your guests, rather than distract them?
Instead, why not approach the booklet as a chance to expand and enhance the ceremony? If you have the time and inclination, a wedding program can provide ‘added value.’ For more creative couples it can even become quite the artistic project! And it can serve multiple functions.
Here are some suggestions to add content and value to a program:
When listing the bridal party – explain who they are, your relationship with them, or even where they live. People travel far to attend weddings. You can show your appreciation of their time and effort by making mention of it.

Use photos – of yourself, your family and friends. Even your pet who unfortunately, was unable to attend, but sends best wishes!

Get creative – the program can be made to look like a theater playbill, a menu, a newspaper, a fan, a passport, a map, a chalkboard, anything goes!

Explain rituals that are being performed. Give historical, cultural or religious background, and why it is being used. This is true for religious or secular ceremonies. Remember not everyone is versed in your traditions and will appreciate learning about them.

Give music credits – details on what songs or selections were played and what they mean to you.

If your ceremony is in a unique location – explain why you chose it.

Readings, poems, lyrics – just as with rituals – explain why you are using them in your ceremony, especially if there is particular story to accompany it. Or, include a poem, song lyric, or other writing that you could not fit into the ceremony. But don’t include the work itself if someone is reading it.

Honor family members with a tribute to them by using a meaningful quote with their name – especially poignant for those who couldn’t attend or those deceased.

For multicultural or multilingual families, have translations of some or the entire ceremony.

If children are involved in the wedding party, they can create the cover or write something special. They might also help by assembling or distributing the booklet. Don’t forget to credit children for any role they play in the wedding, and thank them for their support of the marriage. They will appreciate the sentiment, and love seeing their names in print.

If you do decide to create program booklet, I hope you’ll make it special, but if you are stressed, too busy, or simply cannot take on one more task – don’t do it! While your guests may be delighted to find a program full of surprises, truly, no one will be disappointed that there is none at all.

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Ceremony Vows ~ Create Your Own? Use Traditional?

Lingrow FarmIf you are having a ceremony that allows you to write your own vows, there are a few things to consider before jumping in.

1. Will you be printing them on small cards or in a keepsake booklet to read from?

2. Are you comfortable with reaching deep inside your heart to compose these words and read them to each other with family and guests present?

3. Do you want unique, modern, spiritual, romantic, etc. vows?

Answering the above may give you a better insight about writing your own vows. Otherwise, your Officiant will prepare traditional type vows for you to review and consider.
You may have the option to change them to your own wishes and this process may be easier for you than creating the vows from the beginning.

Church ceremonies within specific religious denominations may be standard within the doctrine but you may also have a few choices. Your minister, priest, reverand or rabbi will guide you on these issues.

Creating your own vows can be a beautiful addition to one of the most special days in your life. Research all options, ask questions and always follow the choice you make with respect and courtesy.

Happy Wedding Day,


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